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Timber Tiger Tree Service is founded by loggers turned wildland firefighters from the Pacific Northwest. We have racked up countless hours tromping through the backwoods of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and California. As firefighters we have visited Alaska, Arizona, and have done hurricane disaster relief in Florida, Louisiana, and here in North Carolina. We have hiked literally hundreds of miles along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and in the outlying valleys and forest districts doing trail clean-up, snag removal, and erosion control after Hurricane Ivan slammed into North Carolina in September of 2004.

A "timber tiger" is Northwest loggers' slang for a chipmunk or ground squirrel. The next time you come close to one of these remarkable critters, look closely at its behavior. They are an exceptional example of task-oriented efficiency. Each of their movements has an exact purpose, yet they are fluid, never robotic. They adapt to their environment, overcoming obstacles with ease. They are never lazy, and are extremely alert. The timber tiger is our mascot and mentor.

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