Land Clearing

There are many ways to approach the problem of land clearing. Unfortunately, laziness has driven many graders and other contractors to take shortcuts when clearing land. Whole trees are often uprooted when there is no need to do so, leading to erosion problems and huge holes that must be filled in with unfertile soil. Often trees that should be taken out are not, leading to problems if construction follows. On the other hand, trees that are damaged by other trees that are not properly felled, often must be removed when they shouldn't have to be.

We wish that land owners and construction contractors would take the advice of any tree service before beginning work, as it would save a future of headaches. We have taken out trees when homeowners sued their contractor after the home had been occupied for some years. This kind of nastiness could have been easily avoided if proper steps had been taken.

We will be happy to accept many times the dollar amount that would have been charged to take care of these problems after they should have been, but you shouldn't let us do it! Taking care of your tree problems now will save you money in the future.

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